Independent Examination of neighbourhood plans is the penultimate stage in the process for neighbourhood planning set by Government. Following the Examination, and any amendment resulting from it, the neighbourhood plan is presented to residents in a Referendum organised by the Borough Council.


Independent Examination of our Neighbourhood Plan has now begun. The Examination is being conducted by Intelligent Plans and Examination (IPE) Ltd. The Examiner has issued a formal letter with an outline of what he currently anticipates will be the process and, as an Annex to the letter, has asked for responses to 9 questions before he can confirm a timetable for completion of the Examination. Please click here to see the letter and annex.  


The Steering Group responded to the Examiner’s questions on 15th September. Please click here to see the letter and supporting documents..


The Steering Group has also provided the Examiner with a three page letter of clarification. Click here to see the letter..


In a subsequent letter the Examiner asked for comments on an email from Mr Eustace forwarded to him by the Borough Council. Please click here to view a copy of this letter, the email from Mr Eustace and the reply by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.  

Our thanks once again to everyone who sent us comments.  We have tried to represent those comments in the plan and supporting documents, all of which you can see below.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Steering Group (contact details below).

Egerton Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 15) and Supporting Documents

- Please find below links to the pdf files

Some of Egerton's Views and Heritage Sites