April 2020


Adoption of plan if over 50% in favour

January 2020


November 2019

Draft plan submitted

Draft plan submitted to Ashford Borough Council for public consultation

October 2019

Draft plan

Draft plan circulated to all village residents.

July 2019


Open house for all residents to review progress on draft policies and evidence

March 2019

Re-drafted vision

Re-drafted vision, key objectives and main policy topics presented at Parish Assembly and in Egerton Update, with draft lists of green spaces and heritage sites to be protected

January 2019

Final Housing Needs Survey report received

October 2018

Housing Needs survey

August 2018

Neighbourhood Plan web site launched

June 2018

Workshop on key Views and vistas

Workshop on possible sites for development, open to all residents

May 2018

Call for sites

March 2018

Progress report to Parish Assembly

Instagram and Facebook sits set up to capture residents' comments.

September 2017

Key objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan

Key objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan identified in three workshops, open to all residents

March 2017

Draft vision, terms of reference and timetable

Draft vision, terms of reference and timetable presented to the Parish Assembly

Egerton Neighbourhood Plan boundary
February 2017

Designation of a Neighbourhood Area

Proposed and agreed the boundary of the Neighbourhood Plan in consultation with all residents by circulating the proposal to use the current parish boundary to all households in Egerton Update (November 2016 and February 2017). Egerton Plan Boundary [pdf] 762KB

January 2017

Appointed Steering Group

Appointed a steering group, reporting to the Egerton Parish Council (EPC), to oversee the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Neighbourhood Planning Initiative Through Ashford Borough Council (ABC)

Neighbourhood planning enabled local communities to shape development and growth in their area through the production of a neighbourhood development plan.