Egerton’s Neighbourhood Plan - Draft Plan Policies

Draft headings as follows and full texts will follow as they are drafted:


  • Local green space designation
  • Views, vistas and rural setting
  • Village Design Statement
  • Village Parish Plan key objectives
  • Landscape character and the environment
  • Community facilities - recreation and community use
  • Community life
  • Public rights of way
  • Trees, hedges, ponds, wildlife habitat


  • Encourage sustainable growth and development (see also Development)
  • Support local businesses and home-working
  • Recreation and community assets
  • Facilities to support community health and wellbeing
  • Renewable energy sensitive to site location
  • Infrastructure provision - roads, utilities, transport, telecomms, sewerage, drainage, parking
  • Public open spaces


  • Land for Building
  • Housing needs assessment
  • Housing density
  • Design standards
  • Local needs/affordable housing
  • Mixed housing
  • Small scale business development
  • Agriculture and tourism development
  • Windfall site status & designation
  • Land use for recreation