We have now received the final report on the Housing Needs Survey, and our thanks again to all those who responded.

The results indicate a need for 27 additional homes over the next 5 years comprised of a mix of affordable homes, homes for older households and open market homes. The Ashford Borough Council 2030 Plan includes a provision on the New Road Site for up to 15 homes, with an anticipated mix of affordable and open market housing. In addition, the 'Sunpatch' site will include up to 8 dwellings for older people.

There may therefore be a shortfall of 4 dwellings over the next 5 years.

Whilst Ashford Borough Council may not see the need for any 'open market' development in Egerton to make a contribution to their overall housing requirement beyond that allocated on the New Road site, Egerton's Neighbourhood Plan aims to cater for housing and development needs up to the year 2040 and, in so doing, to 'future-proof' Egerton for the overall benefit of its residents in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. The proposed development on the 'Sunpatch' site to enable older people to downsize will release onto the open market a number of larger family homes in the village. However, in order to meet the needs of younger people and families that will sustain the vitality of the village, there will be a need to consider the scope for some small-scale development of modestly-sized homes that are more likely to be within the budget of younger residents.

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Egerton Housing Needs Survey Summary and Results

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