The Neighbourhood Plan is almost ready to be sent to Ashford Borough Council for wider consultation, then independent Examination, and finally a Referendum in the village.

The formal Regulation 14 consultation closed on Friday 25th September. We have received over 60 submissions and questionnaires, all of which will be taken into consideration as the Plan is re-drafted. We would like to thank all of those who took the time to give us their comments. In addition to questionnaires and comments received from village residents, we received formal responses from Historic England, Natural England, Kent County Council, Pluckley Parish Council and Ashford Borough Council.

Egerton’s Neighbourhood Plan  Click here to view the plan

If you were unable to view the plan, or complete a questionnaire, before 25th September, we would still like to receive your comments. Please send us any comments and questions by email or phone or click below to download and complete a questionnaire (either the word document version or the pd version) on the content of the plan.

Egerton Housing Needs Survey Summary and Results

- Please find below links to the pdf files for this survey

Maps of all sites put forward, with summary Site Assessments
 Click here to view the sites put forward

If you would like to email or speak to a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, contact details are as follows:

Some of Egerton's Views and Heritage Sites