Site 1, Hardens Field, Barhams Mill Road, 27.5 acres


In response to the Call for Sites in May 2018, this open field was presented as an opportunity for a small-scale commercial development. Currently used for grazing and an occasional landing strip for micro-lights. Undeveloped. No building plans submitted.


Location - maintains green gaps but well outside village confines.

Character and visual impact – no impact on key views but not sensitive to current settlement pattern; potential adverse impact on neighbouring residential properties; potential for adverse impact on rural landscape.

Access – potential adverse traffic impact on narrow roads.

Sustainable economic growth – business & local employment potential.


Potential business use recognised as similar to Bedlam Lane business units. Multiple negative comments on traffic impact, isolation from local amenities, impact on neighbouring properties.

Egerton - Site 1, Hardens Field.

Egerton - Site 1, Hardens Field