Site 6, Orchard Cottage Land, Mundy Bois Road, approx. 2000 sq m


In response to the Call for Sites in May 2018, the site was proposed either for a single 4-bed house or for 2 semi-detached houses(ie 4 dwellings). After refinement, the second option was put forward with options to offer the properties to local buyers at affordable prices and some form of covenant or ‘call option’ to secure future affordability.


Location - beyond the village confines and therefore not compliant with Ashford 2030 Plan unless treated as a rural exception site; distance from local amenities.

Type of housing – particular approach to long term affordable housing currently untested.

Character and visual impact – maintains key views; minimal impact on neighbouring properties.

Access – minimal impact on roads/ traffic.


Some support and no objections from the community. Will require Ashford Borough Council decisions as to whether appropriate as a rural exception site on grounds of size and sustainability, and on the proposals for affordability

Egerton - Site 6, Orchard Cottage Land.

Egerton - Site 6, Orchard Cottage Land