Site 9, North Field, Stone Hill Road, 2 ha. (20,000 sq m)


In response to the Call for Sites in May 2018, a development of 18 units was originally proposed, 11 semi-detached and 7 detached. A subsequent proposal in 2019 suggested 2 large detached houses and up to 20 smaller detached and semi-detached units; after the formal Site Assessment process, in June 2020, a further sketch plan showed up to 20 units, some of which could be bungalows, and up to 8 of which could be affordable.


Location - on the border of the existing settlement, but good access to local facilities; does not appear to maintain green gaps.

Type of housing – scope for some affordable housing.

Character and visual impact – adverse impact on views from the Greensand Way and down to the Weald; density of most of the development potentially over-bearing and with an adverse impact on neighbouring properties; possible adverse impact on the setting of the Conservation area; density of settlement not sensitive to current settlement pattern.

Access – significant adverse impact on road access at New Road (single access through Harmers Way to New Road for 30-35 dwellings with access from New Road adding a further 15), and on traffic congestion locally; some potential adverse environmental impact on the Greensand ridge, due to density of development on either side of New Road.


has received little support because of the adverse impact of the scale of the development on the overall character of building in the main village, in combination with development on the New Road site. Some support because of its proximity to school, Hall and shop; but generally considered to be too big. Serious concerns about traffic, water supply, flooding and sewerage systems.

Egerton - Site 9, North Field.

Egerton - Site 9, North Field