Site 9, North Field, Stone Hill Road, 2 ha. (20,000 sq m)


In response to the Call for Sites in May 2018, a development of 18 units was originally proposed, 11 semi-detached and 7 detached. A subsequent proposal in 2019 suggested 2 large detached houses and up to 20 smaller detached and semi-detached units; after the formal Site Assessment process, in June 2020, a further sketch plan showed up to 20 units, some of which could be bungalows, and up to 8 of which could be affordable.

In January 2021 a revised plan for 13 dwellings, 5 of which would be affordable, has been proposed, and is now being assessed by the Steering Group.

Egerton - Site 9, North Field.

Egerton - Site 9, North Field