Site 11, Orchard Nurseries


This site was gifted to Egerton Parish Council for the village by Derek Marks in 2017 and Ashford Borough Council was consulted in 2016/17 on the possibility of developing it for up to 8 dwellings for older people already in the village who wish to down-size. This was agreed in principle. A small group has been working on the project since then, with the aim of developing the site through a Community Land Trust or similar not-for-profit structure, and re-distributing surplus funds to community projects such as the pre-school and extension/improvement to the Millennium Hall. A key issue for the group has been the need to secure suitable access to the site, and three options have been explored over the past 3 years. The development of this site is a key aspiration and would fulfil Derek Marks' legacy.


The use of this site for older people’s housing meets with almost universal support from village residents, if access can be secured.

Egerton - Site 11, Orchard Nurseries.

Egerton - Site 11, Orchard Nurseries