Site 13, Stone Hill/New Road


This site was first put forward in 2018, after the original call for sites and with no indication of the number and type of dwellings. Following advice from Ashford Borough Council, the site was ruled out of scope. In 2020, during the Reg.14 consultation period, a second developer has put forward the same site as an alternative to the allocations in the draft plan. No indication of the number or type of dwellings has been provided, so a full site assessment has not been possible. Nevertheless an assessment of the plot has been carried out and has concluded that the site is outside the village confines as defined in the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Any development on this site would also have considerable adverse impact on key views as selected by villagers, on the Greensand Way, on traffic congestion and on the provision of utilities.

Egerton - Site 13, Stone Hill/New Road.

Egerton - Site 13, Stone Hill/New Road