The Steering Group - Terms of Reference
  1. The main purpose of the Steering Group is to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan for Egerton in order that it can proceed to independent Examination and community referendum and ultimately be adopted by Ashford Borough Council as part of their overall plan for the borough. The plan will seek to:
    • identify the important aspects of life in Egerton which are to be considered in planning for the future
    • make proposals which will enhance the quality of life in the village in the years to come
    • provide a framework for future land usage within the plan's boundary
  2. The membership of the steering group will include both members of Egerton Parish Council (EPC) and Egerton residents; and may be augmented by co-opted individuals with particular skills/ expertise. A Chairman and, if necessary, a Deputy Chairman will be elected by the members of the Steering Group and will be responsible for reporting progress monthly to EPC. All members of the steering group, and any co-opted members, must declare any personal interest that may be relevant to the recommendations made by the group, including membership of an organisation, ownership or interest in land or a business within the parish or any other matter likely to be relevant to the work undertaken by the Steering Group. All members of the steering group, and any co-opted members, must share in the obligation to ensure that there is no discrimination in the planning process and that it is a wholly inclusive, open and transparent process to all groups in the parish and to those wishing to undertake development or be involved in the planning process.
  3. The main roles and responsibilities of the steering group are:
    • to be responsible for drawing up a Draft Neighbourhood Plan and any necessary revisions that is fully researched and evidenced and reflects as far as possible the views and aspirations of Egerton residents
    • to produce, monitor and update a project timetable
    • to report regularly to EPC on progress to ensure that a) any recommendations are supported by the EPC as well as the steering group; and b) that the steering group's minutes are available via the EPC website
    • to produce and implement a consultation and engagement strategy, to ensure as wide and open a consultation process with the community
    • to undertake evidence gathering and analysis to support the production of the plan, maintaining comprehensive records of all evidence gathered
    • to gather data from a range of sources to ensure that conclusions reached are fully evidenced, and that the aspirations and concerns of all residents are understood
    • to identify sources of funding
    • to liaise with relevant authorities and organisations to ensure the effectiveness of the plan
    The Glebe, Egerton Specifically the Steering Group will:
    • establish the future housing and business needs of Egerton parish, bearing in mind the broader social, economic and welfare needs of the community
    • develop a robust framework to inform future development and use of land in Egerton, including infrastructure requirements
    • identify both sites for development and any sites/ areas that should be considered for protection as identified through the Community Engagement strategy
    • ensure that the Draft Neighbourhood Plan has taken into consideration both national policy and the strategic policies of Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council
    • provide support to EPC through the Examination and Referendum process
  4. All funds and grants will be applied for and held by EPC and no expenditure may be committed without the prior approval of EPC.
  5. All communication to the Steering Group by Egerton residents will be via a dedicated email account or in writing to the EPC Clerk.