Report on the Workshop on 30 November 2019

Workshop on 30 November 2019

This full day workshop aimed to present the first full draft of the Neighbourhood Plan to as many Egerton residents as possible. The layout (see chart attached) in the Hall was intended to remind each visitor how the plan had developed since it was first proposed in 2017.

111 people visited the Hall during the day, all of whom supported the lists of key views and the proposed list of local heritage sites. The outcome of the green space assessment undertaken by the South Downs Panning team was broadly supported as were the draft policies. The outcomes of the site assessment exercise and the proposed map of the village confines were also presented and attracted considerable discussion.

52 questionnaires were completed and, as with the September 2019 workshop, all feedback has been recorded and will be considered as part of the re-drafting of the Plan and detailed below.

Summary of feedback from workshop on 30 November 2019

Workshop on 30 November 2019

  • Almost unanimous support for the Vision & Key Objectives but concerns about the imposition of more housing, and the impact of the Lenham Garden Village proposals
  • Unanimous support for Policy P1 Protecting Landscape Character, but text needs to emphasise Greensand Ridge and possible AONB status
  • Near unanimous support for green space outcomes, though original list should also be highlighted as important in the plan text
  • Unanimous support for the list of key views, with one concern that wider landscape character should also be protected
  • Unanimous support for local heritage listing
  • Unanimous support for minimising light pollution, and also some control over timing and positioning of security lights on individual properties
  • Unanimous support for the protection of community assets (Hall, Games Barn, Sports Pavilion)
  • Near unanimous support for new development if enhancing village facilities, if kept within limits set locally and if no damage to the environment
  • Community open space in Egerton Forstal welcomed by approx. 2/3 of respondents, but some concern expressed about where it would be, what facilities it could offer and whether there is a need
  • Unanimous support for the protection of public rights of way
  • Workshop on 30 November 2019
  • Support from approx. 2/3 of respondents for new rights of way connecting parts of the village with the centre; remainder uncertain and concerned about maintaining current network as a first priority
  • Near unanimous support for high quality design and use of the Parish Design Statement – but should leave scope for innovative design, and should be applied consistently
  • General support for the findings of the Housing Needs Survey and the need for affordable housing, but concern that some housing should be genuinely affordable
  • Near unanimous support for small scale development only, and for affordable housing
  • Near unanimous support for the principle of development of businesses on brown field sites and/or by conversion of obsolete buildings, on the lines of Bedlam Lane; but concerns that this should provide local people with work opportunities and that the businesses should be appropriate to the surroundings and capable of being supported by the current road network
  • Unanimous support for the use of renewable energy and energy efficient buildings and materials
  • Unanimous support for tree planting, particularly of indigenous trees without blocking key views