Site Assessment Criteria


A site may be allocated for development for a particular type of land use such as housing, business use, leisure or a community facility. To allocate a site for development we will need to be able to demonstrate that it is suitable, available and economically viable. Suitability needs to be assessed against objective criteria, and the criteria must be consistently applied to all prospective sites. This summary reflects views of villagers gleaned so far:

  1. Location of development
     Development should:
    1. improve the vitality & sustainability of the village and preserve the countryside
    2. use sites that have already been developed in the past if possible; or
    3. be on sites within the main settlement areas, maintaining green gaps
  2. Visual impact 
    Development should:
    1. favour sites that minimise detrimental visual impact on the landscape, streetscene or Egerton's historic buildings or sites
    2.  be in keeping with the character of the existing village setting, taking account  of the Egerton Parish Design Statement
  3. Access, parking, facilities & utilities
    Development should favour sites that:
    1. are on or adjacent to roads that are well-maintained or that could be brought up to standard, allowing access for waste & recycling removal, deliveries, fire and ambulance services
    2. are located away from traffic congestion points and have parking areas
    3. minimise distance to village centre, School, shop & bus stops (reduce car use)
    4. enable residents to access recreation areas & public footpaths
  4. Environment
    Development should favour sites that are environmentally sustainable and:
    1. avoid the need for cutting down trees or hedgerows and protect flora & fauna
    2. avoid drainage problems, contaminated land,  sewerage pressure points 
    3. avoid unstable land or loss of prime agricultural land
    4. do not cause loss of light to neighbouring properties


  • Are steeply sloping
  • Are liable to flooding (run-off, poor drainage or river/stream flooding)
  • Cannot be connected to sewerage network/would overload sewerage network
  • Cannot be connected to mains water supply or mains electricity (or gas?)
  • Are prime agricultural land
  • Have special landscape area status or are heavily wooded, have natural ponds
  • Include rare/protected wildlife species,
  • Would detract from the landscape and spoil views of which the village as a whole benefits – a visual “blot”
  • Would remove valued green spaces between existing development
  • Would create ribbon development (continuous lines of buildings alongside a road)
  • Would not be sustainable (distance from village and transport facilities)
  • Are within the Conservation Area or adjoining it unless it preserves and enhances it
  • Would detract from other historic village settings
  • Would result in over-development (too dense or compacted against existing development)
  • Would result in obstruction of Public rights of way
  • Would result in complex construction work

How would you improve or change the criteria?  

What have we missed? Please suggest other criteria you think are important and explain why.



What should be left out? Please explain why.